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I’ll be honest with you guys, I don’t know what happened to Travis. His songs nowadays are filled with curse words when back in the day he wouldn’t even say “fucking” in Pink’s cover. His songs used to have a meaning, I’m not saying they don’t anymore but he kind of turned into the shit we hear in the radio. I used to admire Travis because of his individuality and modesty. I feel like since he started dating Aubrey he’s trying too hard to be cool and I’m not hating on her, I don’t know her or Travis but I’ve been a fan of his for years and his sudden change hit me by surprise. I’ll still be here for him no matter what, I’ll still support him and love him but I hoped he wouldn’t turn into a mainstream artist. And he kind of did. 

“You turned out to be a shitty fuckin friend.” — Travis Garland | Mr.Rogers


I hate Travis Garland with a passion. I truly believe he broke up NLT. I saw his ratchet hoe album on iTunes and just kept scrolling. Ugh. He needs to blow away.

Who are you to state things like this anyway? 

“You didn’t even try to listen.
You never even gave a fuck.
Only assuming the worst intentions.
Who the hell are you to judge me?” — Travis Garland - MR. ROGERS


WEST COAST (Lana Del Rey Remix) - Travis Garland


Travis Garland // DO YOU - Miguel (Acoustic Cover)

0 to 100, real quick.


Who do you blame when it ain’t nobody’s fault

Travis Garland Music Master Post


So essentially my aim here is to compile a list of everything musically that Travis has released. 

Music Videos


Motel Pool

Where To Land

Blue Electric Roses

Everything Right Now

Last Man Standing Mixtape 

Everything Right Now (audio)

Last Man Standing ft. Flash


Too Much (Overkill)



Abby Lee

Didn’t Stand A Chance

Fall In Lust



Blue Electric Roses (audio)

From Adam



Where To Land ft III

Travis Garland 

Motel Pool



Pullin My Hair

You Made Your Bed (So Lay In It)

Other People

Modern Life

All She Wanna Do

Chariots Of Fire

1 of 1

Motel Pool B-Sides 

Let Me Show You

Mrs Garland

An Education


Brown Sugar (D’angelo freestyle)

Dead & Gone (T.I & Justin Timberlake remix)

Beautiful Nightmare (Beyonce cover)

Airplanes (B.o.B remix)

Fucking Perfect (P!nk remix)

1+1 (Beyonce cover)

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (John Mayer cover)

Climax (Usher remix)

Settle Down (No Doubt cover)

Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself Ne-Yo cover)

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift cover)

Locked Out Of Heaver (Bruno Mars cover)

Diamonds/Adorn (Rihanna & Miguel mashup)

Wake Me Up (Avicii cover)

Rocket/Pusher Love (Beyonce & Justin Timberlake mashup)

Fix You  (Cold Play cover)

Do You (Miguel Cover)

Human Nature (Michael Jackson cover)

Other songs


Lovetron (acoustic ver)

 Somewhere In Italy

Sexy Together

I Want It All

Get Your Mind Right



Stranded (feat Ras)

Don’t Need All Them Clothes

Heart Speaks First

When Does It Go Away (feat. Jojo)


A Thousand Goodbyes


Don’t Leave Me Rose


Tappin Out

Second Try

Second Try (acappella)

When You Learn How To Love

Wanted 2 Love

Let Me Know

Your Song

Wonderful World


Long Way From Lonely

Never Even Said Goodbye


Believe (acoustic)

Glow Stick


Paint (feat Jojo)

Your Way Or The Highway

All About You

Can’t Wait To Meet Ya

Love Or Die



Sunday Morning

Abby Lee (Acoustic)

Didn’t Stand A Chance (Live acoustic)

Cupid’s Got A Gun

Don’t Wanna Go

Come To My Senses

Saving My Life

Headed For Heart Break

Don’t Wanna Be Sober

That’s everything I have on my iTunes but I changed laptop last year so I lost a lot of stuff so may have missed some things. If you notice I’ve missed anything just link me in my ask and I’ll update it!

Title: Mrs. Garland
Artist: Travis Garland
Played: 41 times


Travis Garland - Mrs. Garland

If I had to write a list
For the things I can’t resist,
I’d write you.

I swear we both used to say
That we would never walk away
Now when I see your face,
It’s like you never felt the same
Explain to me

How are you okay?
I can’t be around you.
Don’t you feel pain that I feel without you?
Cause I have to pretend that you don’t make a difference, it’s the lie that I’m living in.
When it does it go away, when does it go away, when does it go away?

Baby, my worst mistake
Was letting you ever get away, away from me.
And I couldn’t see everything
When it was right there in my face
And baby it’s killing me

” —